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See full size imageExterior
During the tour of the exterior, the inspector will evaluate the condition of the roofing system, including the roof material, flashing, roof penetrations, and roof drainage systems. The inspector will also evaluate the siding and trim. Exterior doors and lighting will be operated to ensure proper function. The inspector will inspect the grade at the foundation, walkways, steps, patio and driveways.

See full size imageStructure
The inspector will visually inspect the accessible structural components of the dwelling. He will probe and sound sills, joists, and girders for structural integrity. The inspector will note any signs of water penetration, wood rot, and inadequate sizing or spans. If there is a crawl space present, he will enter the space and probe all structural components and assess the support columns, ventilation and water penetration.

See full size imageGarage
The inspector will visually inspect the perimeter of the garage for signs of structural movement, water penetration and wood rot. He will operate the garage door and evaluate the safety and mechanical equipment.

See full size imageHVAC
The inspector will locate and evaluate the components of the heating and cooling systems. He will visually inspect the cooling lines, accessible ductwork, compressor slab and electric disconnect. The inspector will also run the system and evaluate the air handler, filter, and drain pan. Boilers will be run to temperature and visually inspected for leaks, temperature and pressure.

See full size imageElectric
The inspector will locate the main panel box and any sub-panel boxes in the dwelling. He will identify the type and size of the wiring in the panel box. He will visually inspect a random sampling of the junction boxes, switches and outlets for proper and safe conditions.

See full size imagePlumbing
The inspector will visually inspect and identify the accessible feed and waste lines within the dwelling. He will locate the main water shut off and run all the plumbing fixtures to determine proper functional flow and volume. The inspector will locate the water heater and describe it's condition.

See full size imageInterior

The inspector will enter all interior rooms including the kitchen and bath(s), to determine their overall condition. Particular attention will be given to water stains, cracks, and movement to the walls, ceilings and floors. All bath and kitchen fixtures will be run to determine functional flow and leaks.

See full size imageAttic
When attic space is available, the inspector will enter the space and evaluate the structural members, type of insulation ,ventilation, and any evidence of previous water penetration.


Radon is a radioactive gas that escapes through cracks and crevices in the ground. This gas has been linked to cancer. In the Collier County area, it has been found in 1 in 25 houses. To test for Radon, an air sample is taken over a 48 hour period and then analyzed by a technician. An outside company which specializes in indoor air quality provides our Radon tests. This service can usually be provided during the Home Inspection so you are able to ask the technician any questions.

Image PreviewMold
Mold sampling and testing should be done by professionals. Panther Home Inspection offers this service through an affiliated professional. If your dwelling has a history of water penetration or you are sensitive to mold spores, you should have your property tested. A mold test can be arranged at the same time as the Home Inspection. Call today for details.

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